Tango-DJ “Punto y Branca” (Jorge Vacca) is one of the most popular and beloved tango DJs in the world. He started his career at the best milongas in Buenos Aires and have been playing tango music for more than ten years. Now he lives in Milan and DJs on regular milongas round whole Italy, as well as festivals and marathons all over the world. He has an amazing ability to feel the mood of the people on the dance floor and spice up the atmosphere to extremely high level.


Carlos LEE is one of most popular DJ in Korea & Asia since his coming back(middle of 2009) from Bs.As., 

where he had been living for more than 5 years, full of MILONGUERO & TANGUERO. 

During his criollo's life, he studied tango history at "CETBA" & "Academia Nacional del Tango" for 3 years. 

He loves tango "Bien Milonguero" and studied with "Carlos Puente" in personal for more than 5 years 

who is one of the best tango historian and made 78 RPM series & D'Arienzo 70 anniversary series. 

In addition, he used to play music at the milonga "Lujos", known as Maipu 444 on Sun., very very traditional milonga in Bs.As.(2007).

From 2010 to 2018 Jan. he had been running a Tango Club "Ataniche" 

where is famous for Wed's milonga "Juntos" in Seoul. 

Also, he has been playing music for uncountable Local & International Tango Festival.


Richard is a traditional tango DJ in Hong Kong, China.  He started tango in 2003 and began DJing in 2007.  Being an active dancer himself, he understands what dancers want and knows well how to read the dance floor and interacts with them.  To share his knowledge and passion in tango music, he plays music in milongas in Hong Kong and across China, and conducts tango DJ workshop on a regular basis. He has been invited to DJ in festivals and marathons in Hong Kong, Beijing, Busan, Shanghai, Taipei, Wuhan, Singapore, Tokyo and Vietnam.


Victor Won has studied tango music and DJing under Carlos Churry Lee who is One of the best Tango DJ in Korea. Regularly DJ's at 'Han River Starlight Festival Milonga' hosted by the Seoul Government. Active as a DJ at various milonga in Seoul like 'O nada', 'Luminoso', 'Nada', 'TodoTango', 'Secret milonga', 'Noble milonga' and so on. He has been invited to overseas events to DJ in Shanghai, Chongqing, Xiamen, Hangzhou He concentrate his attention on making Romantic and Energetic milongas with selection of tango golden era.